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Roofing material does deteriorate over a period of time and most people procrastinate on making repairs until a rainstorm creates unexpected leaks causing an emergency situation. If this happens to you, call an experienced, qualified Phoenix roofing repair company that can react quickly to alleviate an emergency crisis. Most roof repair companies are experienced in all types of roof materials and can provide repairservices 24/7. Once an emergency repair has taken place, schedule a complete roofing inspection and make the necessary repairs to prevent future disasters. If you've experienced major interior damage, contact an emergency restoration service.

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Welcome to Aladdin Roofing, serving Phoenix and the surrounding areas with over 25 years experience. Our experienced team of skilled professionals provides expert installation and repair of roofing products for residential and commercial clients. Aladdin Roofing uses only the best products available from top of the line vendors.

Our company has been in business for over 20 years serving the entire valley area. We are a family owned and operated, residential and commercial roofing company. Our experience is in all areas of roofing, be it flat roofs, shakes, shingles, metal, patio covers or repairs. There's an old saying, "Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten." We agree. We charge enough to do it right.

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