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Phoenix Plumbing Contractors


Whitton plumbers have helped build thousands of homes in Greater Phoenix and Tucson over the last two decades. Our reputation for value and quality have permitted us to build relationships and trust with our contractors and our suppliers. Expert plumbers work the ground/foundation, framing, finish, and appliances to provide a high level of service and satisfaction.

Our policy, whether it regards clients, employees, or venders, is to always treat people the way we would want to be treated. When I take my vehicle to a mechanic I want an honest evaluation and quality work at a fair price. I expect them to make a profit. I want them to, so that they can stay in business and be available to service my vehicle the next time I need them. And that is the kind of service we try to provide our clients.

  • Pruitt's Plumbing
  • 10801 North. 24th Avenue
  • Phoenix AZ, 85029
  • 602 944-8777
  • Camelback Plumbing
  • 3546 East Hazelwood Street
  • Phoenix AZ,
  • 602 954-7072
  • Mountain Park Plumbing - Ahwatukee
  • 13013 South 38th Street
  • Phoenix AZ, 85044
  • 480 704-5422 x8206





Phoenix Plumbing Contractors

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