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There are three ways to paint a home. Do it yourself. Bribe a friend to do it for for a six-pack, or hire a painting contractor in the Greater Phoenix area. Doing it yourself will save you some money, but it can be a grind. Painting a home interior or exterior is not only time consuming, but can become more detailed than you may think. Getting started can be the hard part. Researching the right paint, buying paint rollers and brushes. Taping and masking. Laying out drop cloths. Cleaning up after finishing the paint job is the most dreaded part. Why not just hire a professional Phoenix painting company and then join your buddies on a Phoenix golf course. An expert painting contractor will likely do a more superior job and can complete the painting project much quicker.


Phoenix House Painters


We believe there is always room to improve how we paint a home; how we communicate with our customers; how we build relationships. We are a company with a culture of respect. Respect for, you, our customers. We understand that choosing a company you can trust to do a good job when painting your home can be difficult. However, with us , rest assured you are in good hands.

  • A & J Painting
  • 3317 S 93rd Avenue
  • Tolleson AZ, 85353-5529
  • 602 326-1304 x8206





House Painting Contractors

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