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Draperies and other fabric window coverings should be cleaned at least every two years. Drapery and curtain cleaning services in the Phoenix area offer optional in-home and out-of-home drapery cleaning when a professional will take down your drapes, have them cleaned and pressed, deliver back and re-hang your drapes. Cleaning will restore a refreshing look when dust, dirt and harmful residue is removed. To help protect and sustain your draperies and curtains in between professional cleaning, vacuum the headings, pleats and back of the drapery linings monthly. The following Phoenix drapery cleaning services serve homeowners throughout the Greater Phoenix area including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale and Ahwatukee Arizona.

Phoenix Drapery Cleaners.

  • Bell Drapery Cleaners
  • 2502 North 7th Street
  • Phoenix AZ, 85006
  • 602 254-2221
  • Heritage Cleaners & Draperies Service
  • 1607 North 7th Avene
  • Phoenix AZ, 85007
  • 602 253-7311
  • Coit Upholstery Carpet & Drapery Cleaners
  • City Wide
  • Phoenix AZ, 85001
  • 480 967-1988





Drapery Cleaners in the Phoenix Area

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