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Granite Countertops

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When it comes to quality, well designed kitchens and bathrooms, granite is the most popular choice for countertops. Granite is also an ideal choice for outdoor bars and cooking areas because of its durability. It adds a sturdy elegance to a kitchen or bath makeover. Granite is a natural stone created over millions of years by mother nature. There are granite quarries in just about every area of the world and when it is harvested, cut into slabs and highly polished, the beauty of granite is breathtaking. Read this article, "What is Granite?".

Granite Is A Work Of Art.

Although there will be similar design and color patterns of granite that come from the same quarry, no two pieces of granite are ever the same. Each slab is uniquely different in appearance. You might look at it as a unique piece of natural art. Colors and patterns are infinite which means there are slabs of granite that will complement any interior design theme. There are two types of granite. "Consistent Granite" is much easier to match over a large area where seams are required since a consistent pattern exists on multiple slabs harvested in close proximity. "Variegated Granite" features a swirling vein throughout a slab that varies in color. Although variegated slabs are difficult to match over a large area, it has the design advantage of being very unique. Click here to view some typical color and pattern variations of granite.

Granite Durability & Resistance To Damage.

Not only is granite brilliantly beautiful, it is extremely durable. In fact its hardness is rivaled only by that of diamonds. It is scratch and heat resistant. It will not burn so it is particularly ideal in kitchens and around outdoor barbecue installations. However, in its natural form, granite is very porous. It must be sealed at installation and re-sealed at least twce per year to minimize moisture absorption and staining. Granite can actually become a safety hazard if not properly maintained since it will permit the penetration of bacteria. Although granite is hard, it can be cracked and chipped, but often those can be repaired by a skilled professional.

Installing Granite Countertops.

Fabricating and installing a granite countertop is not a do-it-yourself project. A counter top constructed of granite is a large investment and if you expect a finished product that is a mark of distinction, the installation must be left to a skilled professional with experience and the right equipment.

Existing cabinets may have to be reinforced to accommodate the tremendous weight of granite. The proper slab size must be considered to minimize the number of joining seams. Such things as the type and style of sink, faucet, and cooktops must be identified before fabrication and installation begins to ensure that any drilling and cutouts are accurately placed.

Before making a final choice of a counter installer, interview more than one contractor candidate and request to see some previous installations. A knowledgeable contractor will help preplan the project to conserve costs while attaining the best results. If at all possible, visit a countertop showroom to view example installations and sample granite slabs. An interior designer that specializes in designing kitchens and bathrooms can not only help conceive a proper design but can point-out all factors that must be considered before beginning the project.

Cost of Granite Countertops.

Although homeowners can opt for less costly granite tile and standard modular pieces, they will never achieve the upscale luxury appearance created from slab granite. Slabs will minimize the number of joining seams giving a consistent patterned color across an entire countertop. According to Rod Seaman of Elite Countertops in Tempe, Arizona, a turnkey granite countertop installation including slab granite, fabrication and installation can cost from about $55 up to over $100 per square foot.

The cost of slab granite can vary greatly depending upon the unique beauty and quality characteristics produced by certain granite quarries. Slabs of granite can cost between $20 and $70 per square foot by itself. Thickness of the slab, number of precision cuts required and the shape of the countertop all have a bearing on final cost. Countertop fabricators and installer contractors typically purchase granite from distributors that feature a wide selection of granite slabs from which to choose. It is recommended that a homeowner visit granite showrooms with the selected installer to view the available choices.

Sealing Granite.

Upon completion of your granite countertop, your installer will seal the surface to inhibit the penetration of moisture and to protect the surface against abrasion and scratching. The surface should be re-treated with sealant at least every six months. Your contractor will recommend the best brand of sealant and give you application instructions. Read this article on "How To Clean Granite".

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