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Choosing A Bathroom Vanity

Consider Vanity Style & Utility

Custom versus Prefabricated Vanities

Single & Double Bathroom Vanities

Don't Rush Your Decision

Bathroom Vanities

When remodeling a bathroom, the vanity will arguably be the most prominent element of a bathroom redesign. Selecting a vanity style should consider many factors including size of the bathroom, personal design tastes, style and utility, durability, available space, proper height and of course, budget. Maximizing the greatest derived value within budget is the objective.

Do Not Make Rush Decisions.

Don't make a hasty choice. Not only can a bathroom vanity become a sizable investment, as the focal point, your chosen style will effect the other elements of a bathroom makeover including sinks, faucets, type of vanity countertop, bathroom flooring, wall treatments and color. Take your time and visit several bathroom showrooms and online sources. Since price can run the gamut, you might consider scaling-back on the vanity budget and retain an interior design professional that can not only suggest design and decorating approach, but bathroom space planning as well.

Types, Styles and Vanity Sizes.

The types and styles of bath vanities are virtually limitless. From the traditional to antique, vintage, ornate and contemporary modern, there is a design to fit every personal desire and available space. Choose from single or double sink vanities and even corner vanity units for those tight spaces. There are cabinet style units, pedestal varieties and vanities constructed of economical particle board, solid wood, steel, and glass.

Some vanities come standard with sinks and countertops included while other brands require purchasing bathroom sinks and vanity counter tops separately. The do-it-yourself expert can elect to purchase a standard vanity and make certain self- installations to save money.

Stock bathroom vanities are made in varying heights and lengths to fit average available spaces. The typical standard height is 30 to 33 inches, but there are shorter and taller units as well. It's always wise to visit a bathroom vanity showroom and test the height that is most convenient for the family. If there is a unique space that requires a snug fit, consider having a professional cabinet maker custom design and build the vanity. Generally, custom made vanities are more expensive than stock, pre-fabricated units but permit exacting features that are uniquely different in design, material, color and finish.

Every large city will have a number of bathroom showrooms where you can "see-touch-and-feel" actual product and usually get expert answers to your questions. Many showroom retail outlets offer qualified design suggestions and will lead you to ideal solutions and choices. There are an almost endless number of websites online that offer wide choices of standard vanity selections and options. Comparative shopping is always a prudent approach.

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How To Choose A Bathroom Vanity

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