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Bathroom Sinks

The bathroom remodel can be as elaborate or as straightforward as the homeowner wishes, and selecting the bathroom sink ranks high on the list of most important things to consider. While the bathroom vanity can be viewed as the focal point of the room, the sink is the crowning element that finishes the masterpiece. No longer are bathroom sinks limited to white, bisque or even pastel porcelains. Today’s sinks, or vessels as some of the more elaborate above counter sinks are called, can be made from glass, copper, stainless steel, stone, even waxed and glazed wood in addition to the classic, traditional porcelain bowl.

How to Choose a Style That’s Right for You.

Choosing a bathroom sink that complements your vanity is important to the overall cohesiveness of your design. For example, if your vanity is a classic pedestal base then you would most likely be looking for a traditional porcelain bowl that sets gently into the pedestal. However if you have chosen a Craftsman -style cabinet to serve as the vanity, an above countertop Tiffany-style glass bowl might be more in keeping with the design. Likewise any plumbing fixtures or hardware that has already been selected or is designed to match the vanity should also be considered before purchasing a bathroom sink to be sure that the materials are aesthetically and practically pleasing when placed next to each other.

Price can also be a consideration in your selection of bathroom sinks. With prices ranging from $45 to $10,000, you want to make sure your entire bathroom remodel budget accommodates your sink choice. Perhaps you have an antique piece of furniture that will serve as your vanity and therefore you can splurge on the sink of your dreams. Or maybe you want to save your investment dollars for a custom designed tile floor and therefore might be better served by selecting an economical stainless steel or traditional porcelain bathroom sink. Whatever your budget, there are sink options available in a wide range of design styles.

Bathroom Sink Design Styles.

Vanity Set-In Sinks are perhaps the most common design for bathroom sinks. There is a hole cut into the center of the vanity, or two holes for a double-sink design, and the bathroom sink is set into the hole and either has a self-lid that holds it in place or is tiled in using the same material as your counter top. Although this style is the most traditional, it can also be adapted to accommodate modern sinks of distinctive materials, such as glass, copper or marble. There are a variety of sinks that are designed to fit into a counter top and you are no longer limited to plain or painted porcelains with this choice.

Wall mounted bathroom sinks have come a long way since their institutional days. Revered by designers for their space saving size, today’s versions don’t look a thing like their elementary school or hospital counterparts, and come in a complete selection of modern materials such as stainless steel, copper and even decorative finish porcelain for a jazzy look that dresses up even the smallest bathroom.

Above counter vessels is the newest trend in bathroom sinks. These sinks sit directly on top of the vanity, with only a small hole for the plumbing drain. These bathroom sinks are the most distinctive in their styling, coming in decorative materials such as fused glass, hammered copper, even colored concrete to blend with both traditional and modern architectural elements.

Plan Your Sink Before You Plumb.

When remodeling the bathroom it is important to know exactly where the plumbing needs to be, and if it has to be relocated to accommodate your new vanity and sink. Before you can identify your plumbing needs however you need to know which type of sink you will be using. While both above counter and set-in sinks can be plumbed through the wall behind the vanity, wall mounted sinks and some pedestal sinks require different plumbing locations and should be carefully considered before purchasing, to make sure the plumbing on the other side of the wall has the ability to be relocated.

A visit to the home improvement store will no doubt provide endless inspiration in terms of material, size and placement of your new bathroom sink. But don’t let tradition get in the way of your sense of style. With the materials available today, any combination of high-tech metals, decorative glass, old world elements and new trend colors is sure to set your bathroom apart without breaking the bank.

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